Louïs Rault Watanabe

Photographer, Actor and Creative consultant

Young photographer of 22 years old, Louïs Rault Watanabe is brought by his work and his double culture to travel regularly between France and Japan. His photographic work is built around wandering walks, he wanders in the cities, and agrees to get lost in all the places that he crosses.
During these walks, he observes people the events, movements and interactions that are forming in front of his eyes. It is this moment that he expects and hopes in order to be able to capture them. He characterised himself "by default as a street photographer". He loves people, takes pleasure in observing their movements and freezes them in this great theater of the city.

Louïs has started as a model in 2010, doing shows, editorials, campaign, lookbook... after a few commercial, PV, short films he step by step gets into the acting world, a devouring passion of his.

On the side of being a model he started to do consulting for brand as Bedwin & the Heartbreakers, PIGALLE, Natto Franco, Applecore...

His mind is constituently stimulated, by crossing-over the different aspects of his works.

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